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Your garden should complement your home, lifestyle and be a stress-free creation. At Know Your Garden we pride ourselves on bringing that garden vision to life. Whether you’re looking for a complete garden design, redesign of individual beds, updating a commercial area or even adding a vegetable garden. We will create a design that is clear with easy-to-use planting schemes and bring your dream garden to life. Whatever help you need in garden, we can do it whether it’s a garden consultation, side-by-side gardening or advise on how your garden can continue to grow and develop.

Founded in 2011 our professionals at Know Your Garden have vast garden knowledge and experience built through years of work in the industry. We will take the stress and worry out of developing your garden.


Most of us rush from the first proper frost to get our autumn bulbs planted before the ground freezes. You would be surprised that as long as the ground is workable you can continue planting bulbs up through Christmas.

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Click here to watch our YouTube video on how to quickly plant bulbs.

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